Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi stitchers.
I'm Charo. I live in Córdoba (Spain) and I am charmed with the designs of Leeman's sisters. I don't remember which was the first one that I show us this one. I must say you that I' m a terrible photographer.
Sorry but my English is as terrible as my photographies.
This design is called Garden Pleasures and I made it to Rocío's birthday.
See you soon. Hugs,


Dolci Fusa said...

Hello Charo,
welcome here.
You have mistaken the names: Diane Williams, the creator of Little House Needleworks, is the mother of Nikki Leeman,the creator of Country Cottage Needleworks.
Your Garden Pleasures looks nice!

Charo said...

Sorry. It's possible,isn't it?. She looks so young!!!.

Margit said...

Charo, this looks lovely!!!

angie said...

Hola Charo!!! qué alegría verte por aquí. Muy bonito este garden Pleasures!! Besos

Loreta said...

Nice and lovely!

Szecsi said...

Very nice, Charo!

Karmela said...

Charo me encnata, lo tengo en mi lista.