Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bea's Cappuccino

Last Friday I finished my first Coffee & Tea TP, Cappuccino. I love the pattern and I love Italian cappuccino, so this piece is special for me.
I'm going to stitch the whole series so I'll start stitching Frappuccino soon.

Little House Needleworks
32 ct Belfast Linen, solos (Silkweaver)

my website: Beapog


Nina said...

Beautiful work!
Well... this is the last one I haven't stitched yet... :)
The other 5 is finished :)

Elena - Gatti e Crocette said...

So lovely!
I've stitched me too!

ann70821 said...

That's lovely, Bea! I'm not a coffee fan, but I plan to stitch the tea series for my kitchen soon.


Domie said...

wahh beautiful, I love it