Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello fellow LHN/CCN stitchers

Thank you Veronica for the invite to join.

I'm Lindsay and I have quite a few LHN/CCN in my stash but more of them on wish list (who hasn't) but so far I've only finished two and and have another as a WIP.

This is now framed and hangs right by my front door

I've no idea why those two pics are showing up so big, I did resize them

I've been spending my Friday evening with this for the last few weeks while waiting for another SAL I'm doing with a friend to start.

I've got Traveling Stitcher already to go tomorrow.


Dolci Fusa said...

Welcome here,
and beautiful finishes!

angie said...

Welcome. Nice pics!

Lindsay said...

Thank You

Lady Blackbird said...

oh, what a lovely Home of a Needleworker! Yesterday I was dreaming of that pattern when surfing around on the net world - planning to order it :) Those colors are so bright and nice!

Andrea said...

These are all so beautiful, love them!