Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I hope I can announce this here; if not, please excuse me and delete my post.

As I've told you in my previous post a few of us are stitching Embroidery Guild. We are having such a good time that we are already thinking about our next project. It's going to be My Needle's Work and we'll start in June. We are announcing it too early but with our current SAL some people didn't have enough time and the day we started they were already waiting for their materials to arrive. If you are interested you have all the information here. For those of you who cannot speak Spanish I'll sum up what it says. Basically its says that all the material has to be provided by the embroiderer (pattern, floss and fabric) and also that this design is sold as a kit, which means that it includes the floss. It also says that we are going to stitch it in four weeks (starting on June, 1). To join this SAL you only have to leave a comment in that page I've told you with your e-mail address and you'll soon receive further information (the comments are moderated so people will not see your mail, just the blog's administrator). If you tell someone else, please re-direct them to that page and not to the e-mail address from which you will be written from the moment you sign up; if they do not speak Spanish you can also give them this page to see the translation. A list of online shops is provided for those who cannot buy their stuff where the live and you can buy this kit in some of them. The SAL has no relationship with any of them, it's just FYI. If you don't speak Spanish just let me know it when you leave your e-mail address.

Do not worry if you don't speak Spanish, I'll personally solve all your doubts and I'm sure that all members that can speak English will be glad to help you as well. I hope you'll join this beautiful project. Happy Stitching.



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