Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hannah Purington Finished

I finished LHN's Hannah Purington yesterday afternoon. I don't feel as though my ecru stitches are very neat. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this?


Carolyn NC said...

We're always our own worst critics! Great finish - love it!

Maggitle said...

It's very pretty! Do you already know how to finish it?

Chris said...


I know what you mean I think some times my banks of stitches in one colour don't look too good, but I have been stitching them differently... I do a row with just half a stitch and then come back with the other half... this way all the stitches are always being stitched in the same direction, if you get my meaning... how ever yours looks fine to me and as Carolyn said we are our own worst critics
Happy Stitching
Chris x

PS Stitcher said...

I think it looks fabulous? How are you going to finish it?

Andrea said...

Well I think it's just perfect! Too cute!