Monday, July 6, 2009

Bea's most recent finishes

Some days ago I finished my second Coffee & Tea TP, Frappuccino. I really love this one because it reminds me my first Frappuccino in Santa Monica, California, during my journey to USA.


Little House Needleworks

32ct Belfast Linen, solos (Silkweaver)

I've just finished another lovely pattern. I'm happy how it turned out. Now I'm going to stitch the block for the needlecase.

Traveling Stitcher

Little House Needleworks

32 ct, Lugana, Goldspinner (Silkweaver)

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Jennifer said...

I love the Goldspinner on your Traveling Stitcher. I've got another piece of fabric set aside, but I may have to reconsider after seeing yours!

Carolyn NC said...

They're both lovely - great job!

Edit said...

They are lovely, I like both of them very much!