Friday, July 17, 2009

Introduction and Two finishes

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to be a part of the group and share my new addiction for these designers! I have 2 completed and one in the works. I also have quite a few more in my stash! I enjoy looking at all of the completed pieces, which are encouraging and addicting for the stash. :-)

28ct Linen ~ DMC Threads

This is a special piece because this is my first attempt on linen! As a result, I have fallen in love with linen fabbies. What can I say... another excuse to add to the stash!

28ct Cashel Linen ~ DMC Threads

This is my second piece, which I truly enjoyed stitching. I love the colors and only changed the hair and flesh. I also decided to not add the panes in the windows because I like them just as they are!

I am currently working on "Seasons of Growth" from the 4 Season series. This is it for now!


Faye said...

You have done a fantastic job Joy! Good work! I have joined this great site myself and hope to post something soon! Keep up the good work. The 4 part series is lovely and I know you will enjoy stitching it up also..(it is in my "to-do" pile!) Faye

Unknown said...

Very beautiful!! Also the linen is perfect!

Edit said...

Ooo, the Needlework shop... I have the Tea Room, will stitch it one day. But yours is lovely!!

Cécilevf said...

Great work !

Maggitle said...

Both are just lovely!

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful work, Joy!