Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog updates

I've added two pages to the blog: LHN finishes list and CCN finishes list.
If you have suggestions on other useful pages, please comment this post.
Any help will be really appreciated.

I wish to remember again the main rules, especially focus on:
use labels;
respect copyrights;
use your signature at every post (I'll create it for you the first time you post);
don't format the text (don't use special colors, fonts of other things).
A person has been recentely banned because of not respecting Diane's copyrights.

Another thing: writing the new pages, I've seen many members who have only posted own introduction or one single post, even if they have other LHN and/or CCN finishes. If you're not interested on posting here anymore, please advise me, as the room has almost full and other stitchers have asked to be admitted.

AngelaP: Your unique post has photos with dead links so they aren't showable. I've seen on your blog you have other LHN finishes. Referring to the previous note, if you're not interested on posting here anymore, please advise me.

Thanks for comprension,
my blog: Purr-Stitch


Maggitle said...

Hello Veronica.
Do you want for us to update or do you do that?
Thanks, Margit

Gabriella said...

Hi Veronica,
it's a great idea the two pages you have insert!!!!
At the moment I don't have any other suggestions for this wonderful blog.I love it so much ... the beautiful masterpieces of the girls,the women like you and I thank you Diane and Nikki for their job.

Lily said...

Hello Veronica,
I enjoy looking at this blog so much. I have not posted before because I am not sure I can do it correctly. However, I have decided to plunge ahead and am sure you will let me know if my posting is incorrect.