Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making room space - Advise before deletion

As I someway preannounced here, I'm going to make a cleaning in the next days.
There are members who are subscribed without never posting or posting only the introduction or posted once or twice more than one year ago.
I'm sorry to make this but the blog is room limitated and other active stitchers are asking me to join.

These are the members I'm going to deactivate,
if you are one of them and still want to (actively) partecipate write me or leave a comment here before Sunday 14th:
Josieh, LadyV, Melissa, Nita, Cinoux, Bea de Caracas, Maria, La Galette, Euphorbia, Claire, Einschies blog, Natasha, :: wee bird ::, Mariah, Sari, Deborah, April, Kathy, Janka, Delphine, Nicole, Nicole92, Patti, Patrizia, MK, Eulalia, Ruth Rachel Vendsel, Rowyn, Melissa, Svenja, Sharon, Shay, Silvana, Stitch Wizard, Elizabeth, Barbara, Cari, Mary, Jessie, Yuko.

I've compiled this list comparing the members' blog's list to the posts' list, I cannot remember when every single member has joined, so maybe there are members who have just joined and simply haven't hade the time to post. Just write me.

After Sunday 14th, I'll process with the deletion, leaving the post with finishes.
Members deleted who want me to deleted it can write me.
Members deleted who want to join again the blog and post their last LHN/CCN finishes can write me.
Members deleted who haven't had stitched LHN/CCN lately but still want to be part of the blog in order to post their next LHN/CCN finishes can write me.

Feel free to write me for every question or note, my email address is
Thanks for comprension,
my blog: Purr-Stitch

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