Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hello stitchers,
just a note to let you know I'll create a personal signature for every contributor will join and post into this blog.
I'll make a signature once the member post the first time; you can copy the code from it.
What you have to do is:
  1. login to blogger and go in the dashboard;
  2. select "modify post": you can modify only the posts you've created;
  3. go to your last post, where I put your signature for you and press "modify";
  4. go to the "HTML modify" label, at the left of the "Write" label;
  5. go to the end of the post and copy the code (it starts with a and continue with div style="text-align ...)
  6. copy it in a doc file, to conserve it for the future.
  7. copy the signature and the link blog directly in the "write label" and past in the new post.
When you'll write your new post, go to the HTML modify label and paste the code you've saved; you'll have your signature at the end of your new post!

Write me if you have some difficulties.

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