Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello fellow LHN/CCN stitchers

Thank you Veronica for the invite to join.

I'm Lindsay and I have quite a few LHN/CCN in my stash but more of them on wish list (who hasn't) but so far I've only finished two and and have another as a WIP.

This is now framed and hangs right by my front door

I've no idea why those two pics are showing up so big, I did resize them

I've been spending my Friday evening with this for the last few weeks while waiting for another SAL I'm doing with a friend to start.

I've got Traveling Stitcher already to go tomorrow.


Dolci Fusa said...

Welcome here,
and beautiful finishes!

orange/chocolate said...

Welcome. Nice pics!

Lindsay said...

Thank You

Lady Blackbird said...

oh, what a lovely Home of a Needleworker! Yesterday I was dreaming of that pattern when surfing around on the net world - planning to order it :) Those colors are so bright and nice!

Andrea said...

These are all so beautiful, love them!