Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Yay! I have a new finish :)
I really, really enjoyed stitching this pattern. The design is fun and very fitting for me and my needleworker home, the fabric is just gorgeous, the threads are fun and have beautiful color and variation to them and I love the finished result. I started this a while ago (about a month ago or so) but put it down while doing some finishing and knitting and other stuff, but I picked it up again today and managed to finish it.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I love the little details all over this pattern. I never really noticed them until I started stitching it.

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Home Of A Needleworker (Too!)

Pattern: Home Of A Needleworker Too by Diane Williams (Little House Needleworks)
Fabric: Lakeside Linens 36ct Reindeer (limited edition)
Threads: CCC as recommended - except the heart on the house, it was charted as white but I thought it needed to be red

Stitched one over two

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orange/chocolate said...

Congrats! It's fantastic. I love the fabric you've used!

Andrea said...

Just gorgeous! Love your finish....I really need to get crackin' on mine!

Nina said...

Beautiful work, Linda! I also like the color of the fabric :)

Charo said...

Very nice your work. The fabric is so beautiful:-)

Michelle Andaya said...

Looks really fun to stitch. Your work is fabulous!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations, it's wonderful

Maggitle said...

It's adorable! You did a very good job!