Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready for the SAL?

Hello LHN & CCN stitchers!

The countdown is almost over: next Thursday will start our first SAL.
I want to remember you the pattern, Traveling Stitcher,
and the joined members until now (please, tell me if I've forgotten someone):

María Laura
Cathy B
Silvana Gonzalez
Country Nanny


To Kathy: I've seen you've already started the pattern and made the flower. Nice work! would you post this and other LHN/CCN works on the blog?
To Lenna: Please, send me your blogger e-mail address to join the blog and the SAL.

my blog: Purr-Stitch


Nina said...


Did you see the blog's looking is not okay?
The right column is bellow... not in the right side...
Sorry to disturb you!

I'd like to see your progress in this SAL soon ;)

Cathy B said...

I'm going to join in the SAL and try to keep up with all of you. I've purchased my supplies and am ready to go!

Cathy B

Elena - Gatti e Crocette said...

Hello, yes, i'm ready to start!!! :-)

Lindsay said...

I bought my copy on Saturday so I may just SAL with you all

Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica. I've received my pattern, the floss and the projet keeper. I'm alredy. Charo.

nuria said...

I am ready, waiting to arrive on Thursday

Dovilė said...

thanks, I'm ready too, choose the fabric and treads:)

Charo said...

Dear Veronica, when can we start the traveling SAL?

Country Nanny said...

Hi Veronica! I've started stitching the traveling Sal but I have some doubts abouts the first step. Should I start from a particular point of the chart or the choise is free?
Sorry for my's a little bit rusty :)
Hear you soon!

Elisa said...

I would also like to join in the SAL, I have my stash so just need to make a start