Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog look

Hello stitchers,
I've finally found a layout which adapts to our necessities.
I've used some photos of the finishes posted by our stitchers to decorate the header.
The photos (and the author's photos) will change periodically, according to the seasons.
The first pictures are Tea room fob stitched by Loreta, Iced Tea stitched by me, and Cupcake stitched by Dovilè.
Hope you like it.
my blog: Purr-Stitch


Dovilė said...

Thanks Veronica

Maggitle said...

That looks very, very nice Veronica!
Is it maybe possible that you add something to the sidebar with the members and their blogs? Please!

Cécilevf said...

Great idea. I love the "new look" of the blog. Thanks for your work Veronica

Nina said...

This "new look" looks great, ideal for summer :)

Andrea said...

Oh, I love the new look! Thank you so much, it's beautiful!

Carol said...

Oh, the blog looks so summery and pretty! Thanks for all your hard work!

Elena - Gatti e Crocette said...

Beautiful look for our blog! I love it!
Thank you very much Veronica!

Timici said...

very nice, thank you!

Maggitle said...

Thank you sooo much Veronica for the side-bar with our names!!! You are a sweetheart!
Hugs, Margit